The Ballad of “The Irish Wolf-hound” Brennan Carrick

The war was hard as rock salt, like the man Whose mother named him Brennan, meaning “brave” Whose father gave him not but discipline He dealt with toe of boot or heel of hand The army traded Brennan name and age For uniform, and gun, and belt, and boot And took him ‘cross the ocean,Continue reading “The Ballad of “The Irish Wolf-hound” Brennan Carrick”

bravery falls in the dead of night

When silent lay the caterwauls and wails and deathly faint drop foot-falls ‘cross the floor our hero dwells on all that quest entails and once again he contemplates the door. The lock secure, the wood and screws and nails, could they withstand a battle-axe, or more? Could they hold up when enemies assail? The thoughtsContinue reading “bravery falls in the dead of night”

night of the fighter

sweat stains the floor as blows on body land the howl from ravaged throat of watching fan electric neon suns glow from their stands and cast a mighty shadow of this man who with a heart of iron’s steely hand with feared renown that cross the county spans whose stature proud and noble, fierce andContinue reading “night of the fighter”