angels of the night

oh, sweet angels of the night beautiful, floating goddesses granting my every wish my every aching desire she has seen me desperate drunk and dreary, brain dead and done she, the long limbed nymph with the greatest ass in existence and the other, the pint-sized pretty eye with her hair tied back as tight asContinue reading “angels of the night”

this place needs a grump

haul yourself, sticky and unyielding, from the womb of sleep it’s barely midnight dreams were clingy and horrible babysitting grown people drowning in chaos need a drink throw on a wrap and walk to the taproom slide onto a leather perch at the end of the bar take in the people: four acting student typesContinue reading “this place needs a grump”

friendly neighbourhood bar

what happened to my friendly, neighbourhood bar? Every time I come in to wet my pipe I catch a load of spewing shit drama and here-say grievances of scorned employees I know I’m a good listener and all but can’t a guy just sit and have a sip anymore can’t these bitches just kill eachContinue reading “friendly neighbourhood bar”

I like to think that I own this place

a song comes over the booming speakers it’s a tune that I recommended months ago to the general manager even though I come in only once in a while the patrons still listen to my music I practically own the place they should give me stock or at least a plaque to honour me maybeContinue reading “I like to think that I own this place”

earl’s downtown staff affair

these polished perverts I feel cleaner simply being near them this fat-gutted suit across the bar has the piggish look of the type who habitually forces young women to perform fellatio on his petty member and these fit, well-groomed cronies who encircle him to laugh at his remarks appear as though they are willing toContinue reading “earl’s downtown staff affair”

hipster hell

walk into a dim dive alive with the energy of teenagers in their parents’ basement the place is covered with wood paneling, sweaters, Converse All-Stars and thick-rimmed spectacles walk into the bathroom greeted by dark walls and the grinning face of a panther plastered in black-light graffiti I stare into the fierce feline’s hungry eyesContinue reading “hipster hell”