of shams and stiff shakes

the bartender last night was a sham
his tie was crooked and I didn’t trust his beard
his Manhattan tasted like broken ice

tonight is a gift on a Saturday night
the barmaid slinks and glides
her shake is hard and her mix is stiff
so am I


ponies and horses

but the ponies that prance
light and glittering
upon the fields so green
that lay before the eyes and faces of
the effervescent beauties
of poise and stature
may enjoy the spoils of said
beauties’ brief attention
but those mules
who toil
back in the dim stables
away from high praise
they shall reap the warmth
ebbed from the heart of the
dark beauty
kept well away
in world’s corner
and precious indeed

temptation sucker-punch

it was easy before
to ignore, to forget
the shape was easy to neglect
desire found purchase only in memory
now that shape was changed
and her figure is thin and hard
my eyes now linger
my thoughts draw
into new fantasies of lust
covetous, predatory, empty of feeling
exploding with passion
joys of hollow domination
over a young body
grateful and eager
wet and welcoming
and always quivering for more
give me the strength