no escape

sometimes I want to run
leave it all behind me
everyone around me holding the bag
I never get too far
reality catches me up
teams up with conscience
both ally with hindsight
and together gang-beat my ego
leaving me to crawl back
to pick up the pieces


Once there was a girl with a most amazing voice. When she was a child, she would hum to herself in her family’s garden and instantly flowers would bloom around her. She would soothe lullabies to her younger brother at night and he would sleep the most peaceful sleeps, dreaming the most wonderful dreams. Yes, her voice had the power to create such beauty in the world. Yet that same voice could cause great harm. Continue reading “Echo”


my neighbours are boring
keeping curtains drawn all day
wonder what life lies behind the fabric

only one lays bare to me
a lonely fat bald man
sitting at his kitchen table

he eats cereal, soup, or noodles –
always something from a bowl
every day, eating from a bowl

the way lonely fat bald men do
I suppose, still, he remains
my most interesting neighbour