Eulogy for Woody Lee

December 21st, 2012. A music legend has died.
Woody Lee, icon lead guitarist of the heavy metal band, Tenth Ring, has passed away. He leaves behind him a slew of timeless hits, millions of grieving fans, three band members without a star, a widow and four children, a girlfriend, and an epic story to be told.
The man charged with telling that story is outspoken music writer, and long-time friend of the recently departed, Phil Barker. But to do so, he must return home to Vancouver, and to the memories of a life he left behind.
As Phil faces his own demons, he uncovers new, shocking truths about the rock icons he thought he knew so well.


Eulogy for Woody Lee is the first full-length novel by Bernard S. Barnes.

Told through the eyes of the music journalist, Phil Barker, the book explores celebrity death on an intimate level, focusing on those closest to the departed:

What happens when an individual so singular, so charismatic, so magnetic, so larger-than-life, leaves us? How large is that hole their passing leaves behind?

The book is also a personal story about a man approaching middle age, coming to terms with past mistakes, and regrets, and finding a way to get back whatever has been lost from his own existence.

Placed against a back-drop encompassing the past 40 years of rock, metal & punk music, Barker’s journey to pay tribute to a great man and a good friend,
becomes a late-life coming-of-age for an alienated, disenfranchised youth,
who still has a lot of growing up to do.


To read the opening chapter of Eulogy for Woody Lee, click here.