take me out of the game, coach

sports fans, fanatics, armchair athletes, experts on the gamethey know every player and every victory and losswearing their knowledge proudly like a badge on their sleeveand they laugh at the ignorant who don’t I pity them, the poor, pathetic soulsempty lives with no ambition, lost in youthby injury, or decision, or just plain slothdreams neverContinue reading “take me out of the game, coach”

old nights with young women

in bed with a younger womanhyperactive and a bit crazybeen drinking and fucking for hourssmoked some marijuana finding it hard to stay awakequit, lay down to sleep she’s kissing me againgrabbing at my limp membertrying to get it goingall in vaindown for the counttry to sleep she won’t sleep, won’t stop tryingyoung girls don’t careContinue reading “old nights with young women”