Where Did You Go, Moon?

Charlie and Sam were the best of friends.

Charlie loved science and was always telling Sam about new and fun facts.

One day Charlie ran into the room where Sam was reading a book. Charlie said, “We have to watch the moon tonight!” Continue reading

Have A Rainbow, Mister Wilson!

In a quaint and quiet town, possibly not unlike the one in which you and your friends live, there was a quaint and quiet suburban street, and on that street there were many houses that looked the same.

Although all the houses were similar, every family that dwelt inside each house was very different from each other. Continue reading

Violet’s Rainy Day

Violet was excited because today was Saturday.

Every Saturday, Violet went to visit her best friend Lilly, who lived nearby. To visit Lilly, Violet only had to walk through her back yard, cross a small stream, climb over a sandy bank, and walk across Lilly’s backyard to reach Lilly’s door.

But this Saturday, there was a problem. The sky was full of dark clouds. Rain was falling. The ground was wet. The grass was wet. The trees were wet. Continue reading