“A little boy dreaming of the stars.”

“A space traveler, like everyone else. Just trying to carve my mark in the tree before it gets cut down.”


Bernard Samuel Barnes was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

In 2003, he moved to Victoria, on Vancouver Island. There, he attended Victoria Motion Picture School, where he completed the film production program. He moved to Salt Spring Island in 2004, where he spent time drifting from beaches and forests, to living in vans, to a successful career in event rentals.

In 2008, Bernard moved to Vancouver. For the first three years, he concentrated his focus on an acting career. After appearances in commercials, short films, and local theatre, he turned his focus to writing.

Bernard’s poetry has been published in Ink, Sweat & Tears, and Every Day Poets.
His short fiction has been published in Winterwind.
His creative non-fiction has been published in Airplane Reading.
Twice, in 2011 & 2014, he participated in the 3-Day Novel competition.

In 2014 & 2015, Bernard attended Simon Fraser University, and completed the New Media Journalism Program.

Aside from creative fiction, Bernard is also a life-long fan of professional wrestling. He has a sister blog, The Daily Jobber, and his articles have also been published on NorthStarz.ca, & EWrestlingNews.com. He also writes for ProWrestling.com

Currently, Bernard resides in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano, in Vancouver. He began work on his first full-length novel, currently under the working title “Eulogy for Woody Lee” in late 2013. The project is now on its third draft, and Bernard is aiming for publication in 2017.

For updates on the novel’s progress, and for new posts and page updates, like and follow Bernard’s page on Facebook, and be sure to follow on Twitter.

List of Published Works & Writing Credits

Airplane Reading

“Tension and Release”
Creative Non-fiction. Published February 2015.

Every Day Poets

“Hammering the Bored”
Poem. Published August 20, 2012
“The Artist’s Winter”
Poem. Published October 10, 2012
“Opening Night”
Poem. Published January 20, 2012.
“Yet Another Almost”
Poem. Published December 10, 2011.

Winterwind Productions

“The Flowers”
Short fiction. Published August 2013.

Ink, Sweat & Tears

Poem. Published October 25, 2013.


Short film. October 2010, Red Hand Productions.
***Winner 1st Place Prize, “Dead On Film” Short Film Contest, 2010.***
Directed by Brenn Lynne
Written by Brenn Lynne and Samuel B. Barnes
Produced by Brenn Lynne and Jeff Holloway
Starring Samuel B. Barnes, Caitlin Clugston, Clive Holloway, Sean Morgan-Lynne, Jeff Holloway, Saturday Morgan-Lynne, Bill Vigars, Brenn Lynne, Rob Gillespie

“Have A Nice Day”

Short film. February 2004, Fluid Druid Productions.
Produced, Directed, Written & Edited by Samuel B. Barnes
Starring Dustin Finnerty, Carly Wolk, Scott King


Short film. December 2003, VMPS Productions.
Directed & Edited by Samuel B. Barnes
Written by Kyle Hart
Produced by Barry Casson

“Paya, My Foreign Friend”

Short film. September 2003, VMPS Productions.
Directed by Kyle Hart
Written by Samuel B. Barnes
Produced by Barry Casson

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