Do You Mind?

The mind that for I can only fathom a guess over two decades has been for whatever ill-conceived reason protected from harm and damage inside a skull, behind eyes, atop a body, whose digits drum incessantly in intrusively noisy percussion on the hard and hollow table-top, is a mind that seems to me allergic toContinue reading “Do You Mind?”

Back on Earth

~Part Nine~ You are close enough, you decide. You wait. The men share a glance between themselves. The larger man returns to the truck and sits inside, behind the wheel. He waits. The first man walks to the back of the vehicle, which must apparently be empty and open. The man confirms this by droppingContinue reading “Back on Earth”

Back on Earth

~Part Eight~ You make a decision. You move one foot, then another. The grass is pressed down in twin footprints where you were standing. The new grass is cool on your feet as you walk toward the road. “That’s right,” says the first man. The second man has yet to make a sound save hisContinue reading “Back on Earth”

Holding for Background

The request for silence from on high was no doubt heard by each and every ear-adorning head which bobbed in compliance, yet was fast forgotten by first one, then six, then fifteen, until before long the cavernous corridor was a-clamor with murmuring conversation. You could see the swelling frustration spread over the face of theContinue reading “Holding for Background”

What Went Wrong

“This can’t be the end,” she said as her eyes filled with infant tears. He didn’t know what to say to her and to those tears, and so he simply said, “It has to end some way.” “You’re a shit,” she said, and turned away. He wasn’t sure exactly where they went wrong, and whatContinue reading “What Went Wrong”

Back on Earth

~Part Seven~ You don’t move. You wait. The other door of the truck opens, and the second man steps onto the road. He is larger. You cannot see his face. Leaving the door open and the truck’s engine running, the second man walks around the front of the vehicle. He stops to stand between theContinue reading “Back on Earth”