The Magician

The day started off normal enough, I muse to myself falling heavily into the chair pulled up to my kitchen table and gripping the cold bottle of lager freshly procured from my fridge. Thinking back on the events of the day, I find myself scarcely able to accept they actually occurred. Life sure can be funny sometimes. Continue reading

garden party by the sea

The vessel moored and bobbing in the bay
With oscillating motion ripples light
As fingers tickling nature t’wards delight
And boat entices ocean into play
While waves of forest veiled in misty grey
Do blanket slopes, en-masking mountain’s might
No coat of trees could hide from mortal sight
Those earthen mounds that eons took to lay
A vista richly dressed in summer’s kiss
A portrait painted with eternal hand
So roughly tarnished by our festive meat
And barbie smoke and alcoholic piss
A feast to help us celebrate the land
While stomping on the goddess as we eat


When morning creeps, across the floor toes drag
And make a mockery of ev’ry step
The mirrored glass reflects two eyes that sag
And raises doubts as to how well they slept
Those liquored drinks that trickled smoothly down
Bar-tenders fed with ev’ry dollar spent
The raucous rush that swept them across town
Confusion as to where those women went
With fire in head and gut full of regret
With wallet feeling more than slightly light
One realizes now is paid the debt
From buying so much glee yesterday night
The solemn oath, now given loud and plain:
“I’ll never touch another drink again!”


In moon-lit, sparkling snow which covers ground
The tracks of snowshoes shuffling through the wood
Canoe ashore by tighten’d tether bound
In peaceful silence, night sleeps as it should
With wisps of dream a-light in nestled minds
The daylight’s fauna seek the sandman’s spell
Nocturnal beasts, they brave the dark to find
Escape from that which forays forth from Hell
A nightmare monster bent on blood and pain
Who stalks the land of whispers locked in snow
And leaves in wake a trail of scattered slain
And paints perfume of death on winds that blow
Before the sun returns safety with light
Wendigo is the one who owns the night


The maitre d’, he laughs at me out loud
Which turns the heads of patrons in the room
I shrink and try to sink into the crowd
Attempt to hide embarrassment and gloom
While ev’ry beaming eye and smirking mug,
And coyly flirting twist of golden hair
And ev’ry stroke and turn and lean and shrug
Adds horrid, perfumed tension to the air
As shame brings sweat to palm and red to face
And harm is wished upon each grinning ghoul
I wonder why I cam unto this place
And if the fact I’m here makes me a fool
The lobster gnocchi wasn’t worth my pride
This five-star joint has brought me death inside


O tangled mess of hopes and fears abound
Inside these cardboard walls we all are trapped
And here, with blinded sight and deaf from sound
Within pathetic pantomimes en-wrapped
We wile away the tepid, sordid hours
Oases of ideal we try to find
But here, anon, we’re sucked of sacred powers
And left to drift, an empty, useless rind
Yet we stand for much greater means than these
Our fate is not to float away on air
O tangled mess – my people! – hear my pleasStand tall and show the world you’re worth their care
And maybe in the end we all may prove
Even us hopeless humans can improve


The cabin’s walls were strong, just like the man
Who with the boy, canoe and gear in tow,
Would make a weekend home upon the land
And sleep at night ‘neath star and moon and crow
Outside the wind sang high amid the cold
While inside walls the fire burned on bright
And when the son requests a story told
The tale unfolded chills him through the night
For ages, fear has dwelt in forest deep
From tribe to tribe a demon’s name is known
Into the hearts and minds of folk will creep
Until one shakes with fright to be alone
If one should ever dare utter a breath
Wendigo is the name which brings us death