this place needs a grump

haul yourself, sticky and unyielding, from the womb of sleep
it’s barely midnight
dreams were clingy and horrible
babysitting grown people drowning in chaos
need a drink
throw on a wrap and walk to the taproom
slide onto a leather perch at the end of the bar
take in the people:
four acting student types near the door
trying hard to sound stylish
a trio of business casuals
whose table boasts of salad bowls and martini glasses
a crowd of sleeveless muscle cars in the back
just finished some big job
happy couples abound in the bar
clad in their post beach attire
skins beaming and lightly browned
spirits spiked with rum and sun-bathed
the air inside is giddy
the music is motivated and driven
the bar pulsates with youthful zeal
I know immediately what must be done:
I power down my first beer
and wave for the tender
something stronger and keep them coming
I need to get drunk
no time for smiles
last call is just around the corner and there’s work to be done
I’m not here to be pleasant
to twitter and giggle with these dumb young
to gush about the sun and fun
this place is overflowing in such things already
it’s saturated with good vibes in yuppie central Vancouver
energy and youthful exhuberance are never hard to come by
what this place lacks is a curmudgeon
a grump
a loner
someone off to the side
something to take the edge off
a taste of reality
sticky and unyielding
peppering this happy room with seasoned boredom
all these pretty, shiny things can be exhausting
the world always needs a loner like me
to balance the scale

Published by bernardsbarnes

Writer. Artist. Performer. A little boy dreaming of the stars.

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