your angel

I may not be what you’re looking for
I may not hold all of your dreams
this may not be your idea of love
but this is all I have to give you
I’ve held the best poem for you
this is your gift: my creativity
my light, my soul, my fire
I held it all for you only
my dear, my sweet, my love
others, I have given much
I’ve danced on the moon with one
kissed the sun with another
flown in the wind with many
but with you my heart resides
always and for ever
others have known my endless cares
revelled in my happiness – my joy
other souls have felt my touch
yet I hold the most for you
my greatest poetry will not be for them
they cannot hold my words
though pleasure they may give me
my heart – it stays with you
others have tried to win your hand
and in this task they’ve failed
although your mind they claim
your heart, they’ll never touch
I don’t pretend to know your heart
or be what you sought
but I can, and will try

Published by bernardsbarnes

Writer. Artist. Performer. A little boy dreaming of the stars.

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