how could you have gone overlooked
does the dirt you wear protect you from me
will you risk exposure for me
a sparkling geode, half-hidden in rock

my last shred of hope for happiness
glowing gem I could hold in my hand
only this can save me now
only this indescribeable
only this

little piece of Nirvana
nestled before my eyes
before my heart

what is this
how can it be explained
outpouring love for nothing
for no one

beauty not familiar
lacking reason

fancy is fleeting
lovely thoughts get caught in a breeze
carried off to some random soul

soft, gentle
how it aches

scorn self-inflicted without word
victimless slaughter of happiness
for the hope – blind faith
locked within a wish riding fantasy
unmanifest desires project the end
race is lost in silence

fly away angel of nobody’s name
good-bye my glittering diamond
your beauty shall wait for others
your beauty has passed on me

let it float in random fate
leave it buried in this rock
for someone else with courage
someone with reflective eyes
let beauty see beauty only most beautiful

only without this desire I bare as burden
this rock I find myself embedded

Published by bernardsbarnes

Writer. Artist. Performer. A little boy dreaming of the stars.

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