the world is now below me
this world I leave behind
the land I leave is pretty, yes
but to it I am blind

I turn my back and walk
dare not take back a glance
I might just feel like staying
– I would, given the chance

the life I knew, I leave it
I pray it won’t return
all the pain back in the past
all those lessons learned

I want to just forget it
just up and let it go
I know I can’t forget it
it’s buried too damn low

I want to just release it
but I know that can’t be done
my past, my life, it’s there to stay
from the world I cannot run

my present life is with me now
and with it comes great song
but I know that I shall have regrets
which last my whole life long

regrets, you see, mistakes I’ve made
I cannot set them right
I cannot change the ways of time
to events before tonight

this poem isn’t working well
I’m writing it half assed
I feel no passion, feel no flame
as I have felt in the past

Published by bernardsbarnes

Writer. Artist. Performer. A little boy dreaming of the stars.

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