tenth ring

the first of the rings I found in youth
my newborn eyes blinded by its shimmer
I kept it hidden for years
not expecting to find more
the second ring came from my mother
forged in her heart by her endless care
my father granted the third ring
through his sacrifice and pain
it came for me to use as I may
the fourth ring was found in written word
power of information bestowed within
the fifth ring came in splashes of colour
and I discovered the artistry of life
the sixth ring brought with it sounds
music began and my voice was born
the seventh ring was too heavy
holding the weight of the world, it nearly crushed me
it brought me strength and courage
the eighth ring broke my heart
bearing it now, I fear no fate
with the ninth ring, finally, came my love
the ninth ring showed me the way
once gained and placed with the eight
the ninth ring brought me what I sought
the tenth ring
with this I revel in bliss
I create my beauty
I resonate my love-starved
and with it I may reach

Published by bernardsbarnes

Writer. Artist. Performer. A little boy dreaming of the stars.

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