I wish I didn’t have a family or friends who care for me
who love me, ask about me, hope for my future
because that means I can’t quit life
leave my job and take up drinking full time
commit a crime without conscience
go to jail and live free off the government
can’t skip out on my bills, on my rent
jump in a car and simply drive far, far away
can’t disappear off the face of the earth
or lay down in a gutter and die
I can’t do that because people would miss me
wonder how my job is doing and if I’m getting a raise
if I have found that special someone and what she does
if I’m coming home for Xmas and if I’m happy
it annoys me, traps, ropes and binds me down
I’m a prisoner of their love and concern
but it has kept me alive these years

Published by bernardsbarnes

Writer. Artist. Performer. A little boy dreaming of the stars.

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