keep me here, and there
push me through as
the spiral is calling you
let yourself be swallowed whole
surpass it, go beyond
settles not for what is given
push back the force that’s pushing
give me the room to breathe
I’ll whisper your direction
open your ears to listen
take it in, don’t be afraid
it’s only love from here
love and endless wonder
take it in

dreaming again

I was the size of an insect, wandering through a field of grass
hiding from beetles and roaches I met alone the path
and when it started to rain, I found a bit of shade
underneath a mushroom cap
and there I laid my bed – on pollen, put my head
waiting for the stars to nap
I was the head of a dragon, twisting and writhing
serpentine writhing, in and out of hell
when the neck began to fall
I raised a pitied call
until the moment I woke to life again

gene machines

foraging, we slave away
collecting all our feeble burdens
it’s a distraction
occupy the mind, you
make it simple to design
the maze we run to find the prize
to find our eyes
lost within, we are machines
just more gene machines
kept inside, left without
no satisfaction for the patient
no more gifts from the other side
just what we see, what we be
just another gene machine