stay tuned

such a wonder I’ve gone this far
doesn’t seem I’ll be stopping soon
hope you’ll be around for the journey
to see us all at the end

change of address

cracked plaster
such a silly situation
the spiders much happier
with me not around
the window play
seems never to change
candle-light dancing
across the ceiling
same places, new slate
new ends and fate
a new place to bed
always so great


you came to me in a bolt of inspiration
my mind consumed with itch to live
and now that I’ve found
what was searching for me
both our searches are over
and I may rest
or be swept up in song
and carried to whole hearts in turn

the only way

love me today, it’s the only way I’ll take you
take me away, to another plane of loving
let me love you, it’s another way of laughing
laugh away, it’s the best way to say
I love you too

tell me your cares, it’s the way I can show you
show me your face, a place you can rest still
still in my arms, the best way to hold you
hold you for always, the only place I want
to remain

show me your soul, the only way to understand you
understanding, the way I know to heal you
heal all your pains, to make you feel whole and
let you know I love you too