take stock

bed, dresser, night stand, cradenzabookshelves, table and chairsclothes basket, rubbish binend tables, coffee table, floor lampaquarium and no fish frying pan, kettle, blender, French pressmeasuring cups and spoons, cutleryplates, bowls, drinking glass, mugsoven mitt, rags, cloths, kitchen towelsmartini shaker screwdriver, tape measure, wrenchsocket set, hammer, stapler and staplesutility knife with retractable bladeleatherman multi-tool (gift fromContinue reading “take stock”

art is the soul shitting

wecan sit for hoursfeeling innards stirpush, strain for eternityyielding few reluctant piecesperhaps some hidden genius but urge to expel persistsas though more waitssitting in your gutsome load ageing insideanticipating it’s time to crown if we wait untilthat beautiful momentwhen inspiration arrives(with your morning coffee,or that last cigarette) you open with anticipationin a silent screambarely makingContinue reading “art is the soul shitting”

Have A Nice Day

Jack trudged down the sidewalk with no momentum, no inward force compelling him to carry on. To anyone else on the street, he might have appeared commonplace in the city, but inside he was dying. His feet tired more with every step and desperately sought a reason to take another. His fingers wanted desperately toContinue reading “Have A Nice Day”

i drank while grandpa died

I am 16 years old my family gathers together at my grandparents’ home my father’s brothers and sisters all of them present:   the manic depressive the obsessive compulsive the one on pills the one who needs pills the divorced and eccentric all of them gathered together to watch my grandfather die   he’s beenContinue reading “i drank while grandpa died”

yet another almost

we talk, exchanging names and troubles, aspirations, situations, ‘ations upon ‘ations   out of the night comes a stranger stands beside her from her drink he sips   returning to my drink invisible for a spell jealousy rages but soon subsides   she leaves, “Good night” “Can I ask for your number?” “I know whereContinue reading “yet another almost”