old nights with young women

in bed with a younger woman
hyperactive and a bit crazy
been drinking and fucking for hours
smoked some marijuana
finding it hard to stay awake
quit, lay down to sleep

she’s kissing me again
grabbing at my limp member
trying to get it going
all in vain
down for the count
try to sleep

she won’t sleep, won’t stop trying
young girls don’t care for things like
sleep, leaving well enough alone, or
saving some for the morning
they want it all, and now
even if it’s not there

finally sleep, brief, she wakes in a frenzy
late for work, departs in a whirlwind of curses
I’m staying in bed – “the key is under the mat”
I nap, she comes home for lunch
undresses, climbs into bed with me
I’ve had time to rest, we fuck again

she lays in my arms for a bit, giggling
back to work – “the key is still under the mat”
have a shower using her soaps, her towel
look through her home, a real mess
smoke some of her weed
find a flask and drain the remnants

walk outside
suburbia, too quiet
find a bus stop
need a coffee

Published by bernardsbarnes

Writer. Artist. Performer. A little boy dreaming of the stars.

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