My Night With Just That Girl

Ally was a pretty girl with a sexy body. It was her legs and butt that really did it for me and for most other men. Her face was soft and her cheekbones were nicely sculpted its true but there was a rural look to her, something just off the farm riding in the backContinue reading “My Night With Just That Girl”


the birds nest outside my windowthe babies are getting biggerI wake up to their criesas mother flies in mouthfullsworms and bugsgobbled up by the hungry devilsI spend hours watching themchirping and eatingone day soon they’ll flyI wonderwill they go away and never return?would they really do that to mother?would they do that to me?

my stupid, drunk face

I awaken to painthe room slowly tips and spinsmy pants are offI’m in my own bed, at least I call to my roommate“Jane,” I say, “why does my face hurt?”she answers from the other room“Because you’re a drunk asshole!”maybe I am Jane enters the doorframestands, hands on hipsa small mirror in her handI groan, “IContinue reading “my stupid, drunk face”

The Man From Dartmouth

On a sidewalk in downtown Victoria, I set my drum aside for a break.  I had been playing for hours. I inspected my hat upturned on the concrete a few feet in front of me and saw it had been a good night.  Until I counted I couldn’t be sure but guessed that since beginningContinue reading “The Man From Dartmouth”